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With average temperatures ranging between the winter lows of up to -10°C and highs of up to 30°C in the summer, the weather in the UK can be extremely variable and visitors should come prepared for all conditions. The weather often differs slightly between the north, south, east and west. Scotland and northern England tend to have slightly cooler temperatures and are quite likely to see some heavy snow in the winter months. In contrast, the south of England experiences warmer temperatures and is unlikely to see more than a few flakes of snow in the winter. The west of England and Wales tends to see slightly higher rainfall than the east. Here are our suggestions for the latest information and some general background to weather in the UK;

The Met Office: Latest Weather Forecast
BBC: Overview of Weather in the United Kingdom
TripAdvisor: Guide to United Kingdom Weather

Dress code

There’s never a dull moment with the British weather: well, actually, there could be so be sure to pack a mix of clothes, warm as well as cool, to suit our temperate climate. An umbrella is always a good idea, even in the summer months and a sweater or fleece for the evenings would be advisable. Comfortable shoes are a ‘must’ for sightseeing. Smart casual clothes will be ideal for the evening.
In the cooler months of November through March, a warm coat, gloves, hat and a warm scarf are essential. Dressing in layers will help you cope with the temperature changes all year round.


There is often confusion on the question of gratuities, since it frequently depends on your attitude towards tipping as to what is normally expected.
Your Tour Leader will be on hand to offer advice or suggestions if required but gratuities are offered entirely at the sole discretion of the individual. We suggest a group collection to cover drivers, porters and hotel staff of $60.00. Your Tour Leader will collect this on your behalf and distribute it accordingly, thus relieving you of the burden of who, when and how much to tip. The tipping of housekeeping will be left to your individual discretion (a small amount left in your room on departure should cover this and would be much appreciated). As is customary, ‘the hat’ will be passed around for the driver and guide on all optional excursions. For any meals that are not included in your itinerary, or taxi fares, your Tour Leader can advise of an appropriate add-on.


The voltage used in Britain is 240 Volts AC at 50HZ. Most power sockets are designed for standard 3-pin square plugs. Electrical appliances in Britain generally use the British standard plug with 3 square pins. Plug socket adaptors and power transformers are widely available; you can buy them at most airports and High Street electrical stores.

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Why Solos Vacations?

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We are aware of our responsibilities to the solos traveler and will always strive to obtain the best possible deal - this means we will never charge a single supplement

Solos Vacations have unrivalled knowledge and experience of creating vacation experiences specifically for the single traveler.With all of our vacations you are guaranteed a room to yourself, the services of an experienced tour leader throughout the tour, all meals as shown, all inclusions as shown, a welcome drink and reception and most importantly - time to yourself and time to make friends.

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Our tour leaders are your companions from the very start of your vacation; to help, guide and assist you throughout. Meet a few of our many wonderful tour leaders here!

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Watch our Videos

Meet some fellow Solos guests, tour leaders and holiday guides in our videos below.

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Solos Community

Solos isn't just another escorted vacations company; we are also a friendly travel community welcoming new members to travel with us throughout the UK and Europe.  Vacation with Solos - make new friends and have fun!  Browse our site and visit our facebook page and see what people are talking about.

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Based in the UK - expert knowledge

Solos Vacations is based in the United Kingdom and have been operating vacations for the single traveler for over 30 years. Whether you're single or simply seeking time away from a partner or spouse to pursue a dream, we have a vacation for you.  Because we're based in the United Kingdom, we are perfectly placed to organize the perfect trip for you - we know the best hotels to use, the itineraries that work best for you and some of those secret extras that other operators just wouldn't know about!  We're here to make your vacation special.

Trusted and secure for over 30 years

Solos has been serving the solo traveler for almost 35 years, with guests from all over the world joining our vacations. We are a financially secure, well-resourced company, fully bonded in the United Kingdom, so you can be confident your money is safe with us.

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